The Gift of Reading and the Faith

I am proud to announce the groundbreaking for a new and improved version of the library named after my grandmother, Leanna Hicks. The groundbreaking took place on Saturday, July 20, 2019.  Mrs. Hicks is my mother’s mom.  She is 99 years old.  Throughout her life she emphasized education and its importance for reading history through a varied lens as a means of empowerment.

Reading is indeed such a gift. Not only for reading history, but in a whole host of life’s areas to include health, love, and faith.  The ability to read helps us better understand the doctor’s orders and consume the right ingredients for our health.  Furthermore, reading fuels our relationships.  Imagine not being able to read the words of a text from a loved one.  The ability is a tool to enhance worship.  Reading allows us to engage Scripture in personal and public ways.  Reading is a gift.  Libraries are a playground for this gift.

So, I use this groundbreaking as an opportunity to celebrate reading.  It is fundamental, as the old commercial used to say.

My grandmother, Leanna, holds degrees in journalism and social science from the Eastern Michigan University and Wayne State University. She has been actively involved in her church, the Springhill Missionary Baptist Church, for the past 50 years.  Much of her time in the community went to improving local libraries and preserving local history in Inkster, Michigan. The new library will be in Inkster, Michigan. She served on various boards to make this happen. As I remember my grandmother’s contributions in a country where it was illegal for black people to read in many states, lead me to celebrate the gift of reading as a powerful tool to do justice, embrace faithful love, and walk humbly with our God (Micah 6.8).

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