Black History Month 2017

This year’s theme for Black History Month is: The Story Rarely Told. We will look at faith narratives in US history. Last year we talked about different individuals recognized as saints in history. In 2017 we will bring a magnifying glass to four different faith narratives rarely talked about in American history.
In the first week of February we will talk about slave religion. That is, we will look at how many in the Africa diaspora worshipped in one manner during the day and stole off into the forest at night to worship in a more expressive style. Albert J. Raboteau’s Slave Religion is a classic book in this area.
In week two we will mention the role of Meharry Medical College School of Medicine and their role in providing health care to the underserved. We will recognize Doctor Kelley’s retirement that day too. He is a graduate of that school. Additionally, we will have Tiffany’s baptism during the worship service.
The week after we will look at the role denominational Christian schools in the south played in education and as a feeder for various mainline denominations. The greatest examples of these schools were those established by the Presbyterians and the Episcopal Churches.
Finally, we examine popular religion in the National Basketball Association (NBA). What is the role of faith in sports? What can we say about the displays of faith we see on television? How do they speak to our own spirituality?

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